Amazon WorkDocs is a fully managed collaboration service that allows you to create, store and share content in a secure manner.


Key Points for Amazon WorkDocs

  • You can edit same content (like documents) in a collaborative manner.
  • WorkDocs Drive – a native Desktop application – allows you to launch content directly from Windows File Explorer, Mac Finder, or Amazon WorkSpaces (a Desktop-as-a-Service).
  • WorkDocs has rich API to allow you to integrate the service features in to your custom applications.
  • WorkDocs has associated Workflow that allows you to build a workflow for your documents.
  • WorkDocs has most of the typical features of a collaboration service, such as:
    • Content sharing
    • Versioning
    • Search
    • Offline access
    • Encryption
    • Notifications
    • Mobile access
  • WorkDocs has full AD (Active Directory) support
  • WorkDocs Companion allows editing of Microsoft Office documents, and PDF
  • WorkDocs is HIPAA eligible, GDPR and PCI DSS compliant.
  • Each user account has 1 TB of storage by default
  • WorkDocs is billed per active user account, and for the storage consumed by the content.


WorkDocs’ associated applications

  • Mobile Applications – available on Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store
  • WorkDocs Drive – available for PC, Mac
  • WorkDocs SDK – available for Java, Python, GO, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, Ruby
  • WorkDocs Companion – available for PC, and Mac



Amazon WorkDocs is billed for following components:

  • WorkDocs – per user per month
    • First 1 TB of storage is included in the plan
  • API – per 10,000 requests
    • Price varies by type of request – GET, SELECT, PUT, COPY, POST, LIST, SEARCH
      • DELETE and CANCEL requests have no charge
  • Special pricing for Amazon WorkSpace customers
    • WorkDocs for each user with WorkSpace is free
    • First 50 GB per month is included
    • Additional 1 TB per month is charged


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