AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) provides some key guidelines and an Action Plan to help organizations understand the key aspect involved in cloud adoption, and thus effectively plan the journey.


There are two key components of Cloud Adoption Framework:

  • Perspectives
  • Action Plan


Perspectives of AWS Cloud Adoption Framework

The framework highlights six areas of focus – that it aligns with Perspectives – which it suggests are critical to analyze for impacts and preparation for successful cloud adoption. Further, it groups these six perspectives in to two broad categories.


Business Category

1. Business Perspective

2. People Perspective

3. Governance Perspective

Technical Category

4. Platform Perspective

5. Security Perspective

6. Operations Perspective


AWS Cloud Adoption Framework Perspectives

Image courtesy of AWS


Following picture captures the Key Roles and Capabilities (Functional areas) for each of the six Perspectives.

AWS Cloud Adoption Framework - Perspectives and Roles & Responsibilities


Action Plan

Second key component of Cloud Adoption Framework is Action Plan – intent of this component is to help organizations capture actions they need to perform for each of the six focus areas (perspectives) to make their cloud adoption successful.

AWS provides a template that can be used, or further enhanced to create the Action Plan.

AWS Cloud Adoption Framework - Action Plan


You can download a guide for creating Action Plan here.


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