You can now run RDS DB Instances in your Datacenters on Outposts

AWS just announced that now you can create RDS DB Instances on AWS Outposts.


Here are the key things you need to know:

  • Currently only MySQL and PostgreSQL engines are supported, with more to come in future
  • Just like you would from RDS on AWS, you can schedule backups to S3
  • Supports encryption – at rest, and in transit, via use of KMS Keys
  • You can create instance via RDS Console, API, CLI, or CloudFormation



  • If you are using Outposts, you already understand its limitations. It’s a powerful appliance from AWS, but it’s not AWS – I meant, in terms of how much can you scale. So it’s obvious, you would be limited by the configurations you can go with, when creating DB Instances
  • You cannot make use of read replicas or create highly available clusters


You can find full details at: