You can now use S3 APIs to store and process data locally on AWS Outposts

Amazon announced on September 30, 2020 that you can now store data and process it locally on your Outposts just like you would on S3 in regular AWS Region. This means, you can keep select data (out of compliance reason, or to keep it privately at your on-premise) locally on your Outposts, but still be able to treat it like data stored in S3 (in the cloud). You are able to use S3 APIs and SDKs to handle this set of data.


You can create buckets, store Objects just like you would on (regular) S3. You can use AWS DataSync to transfer data between your Outposts and AWS.


Reasons you may want to keep data on Outposts and process it locally:

  • Better performance needs due to complex processing or sheer amount of processing you may be doing
  • Compliance reasons – where you could not let data go out of your premises
  • You want to keep some set of data strictly on premises – even though Amazon S3 is as secured as it gets, sometimes you may have reasons or sentiment to keep data in your hands


For more details read this blog from AWS – Amazon S3 on Outposts Now Available.